In Latin, “Ars” signifies Art, while “Vēna” stands for Vein – the Vein of Art is what drives Yaël's vision of Life. Art nourishes her soul in the same way that blood is essential to one's body.
Yaël Enivel Pouffary – Artist & Graphic Designer – creates her Art through Printmaking, Painting, Drawing, Digital Art, Photography, Illustration, Design Layout and whatever is in between. She wishes to never be restricted to any specific medium, as Freedom is the keyword to her art pieces.
As a citizen of the World (though on paper she is French & American) she loves meeting new people, new cultures and new places that belong to this unique country called Earth. She continually loves to learn in order to be able to develop a broaden critical point of vue on specific subjects found in the Arts. Thus, this endeavor lead her - after earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Seattle - to obtain a Master's Degree, and later on a Ph.D. in Humanities & Art History (from the University in Nice, France). Yaël believes Art is a universal language that surpasses boundaries, denies segregation and has no race. As Ralph W. Emerson traced the path to follow when he said “words make every metal cordes of your heart vibrate”, she simply wishes for her Art to bring that same feeling to anyone.
Once Emily Dickinson asked a bird “Why sing, since no one can hear you?” It had answered her “My business is to sing –”. For Yaël, her “business” is for her Art to touch as many souls as possible while bringing light and lifelong ties.
     I'm Nobody! Who are you?
     Are you
Nobody  too?
     Then there's a pair of us!

          (Emily Dickinson, poem 260 Franklin)
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